New Album to be released in 2019

‚I SAY‘ featuring: Adam Osmianski - drums Ferg Ireland - bass Jack Ellister - guitar solo Gabriel Ralls - digital crazy track Judith Haustein - vocals, telecaster/ acoustic guitar, rhodes, synth, string and choir arrangement Written & Produced by Judith Haustein Mixed by Judith Haustein and Wolfgang Simm from listen! Komposition und Ton GmbH

‚THROUGH THE FOREST‘ featuring: Stephan Bissart - programming, foley, organ, percussion, SFX, arrangement Daniel Pimenta, Adam Osmianski - drums Simon Horn - double bass Christian Pfeiffer - cello Judith Haustein - vocals, guitar Written by Stephan Bissart and Judith Haustein Produced by Stephan Bissart Co-produced by Judith Haustein Cello recorded by Jörg Kersting/ mixed by Wolfgang Simm and Judith Haustein at listen! Komposition und Ton GmbH

‚ALONE BY THE WATER‘ featuring: Adam Osmianski - drums Martin Höfler - violin, viola Christian Pfeiffer - cello Ferg Ireland - double Bass Gabriel Ralls - bass synth, programming Jörg Kersting - string recording Judith - vocals, rhodes, percussion, synths, programming etc. Written and produced by Judith Haustein

Demo Band, 2012

Daniel Pimenta - Schlagzeug, Christian Pfeifer - Cello, Judith Haustein - Gitarre, Gesang.

Words & Music by Judith Haustein



2010 - 2012 between bands (originals & covers)

FIRE & SLEEP (2010)

Judith Haustein

Komposition & Musikproduktion
Ludwigstraße 73a
70176 Stuttgart

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