T H E   F L O O D - Album, 2022 (Oti-O Records)

Judith Haustein feat. MC BNZ, Stephan Bissart, Simon Horn, Christian Pfeiffer, Jack Ellister


THE FLOOD, by Judith Haustein © 2022



Adam Osmianski – Drums and Pandeiro

Daniel Pimenta – Drums

Ferg Ireland – Electric/ Double Bass

Simon Horn – Electric/ Double Bass

Christian Pfeiffer – Cello

Martin Höfler – Viola, Violin

Gabriel Ralls – Digital solo & Additional Synths

Stephan Bissart – Songwriter, Foley, Programming

Jack Ellister – Solo Guitar

Carlos Haustein – Slide Guitar

MC BNZ - Lyricist, Rapper

Judith Haustein - Voice, Guitars, Rhodes, Synths, Electronics, Percussion

Music written, arranged and produced by Judith Haustein, co-produced by Wolfgang Simm, except ‚Through the Forest’: written and produced by Stephan Bissart, co-written by Judith Haustein, co-produced by Judith Haustein and Wolfgang Simm. All lyrics written by Judith Haustein, except Freeze: co-written by Valentin Haustein.

Strings recorded by Jörg Kersting at Studio Listen! (Stuttgart)

Drums and (Double/ Electric) Bass recorded by Fred Fontane (London)

Double Bass & Foley, Organ, Vibes and SFX on ‚Through the forest' recorded by Stephan Bissart (Berlin)

Bass on ‚My Secret’ recorded by Simon Horn (Berlin)

All other instruments and voices and noises recorded by Judith Haustein at Hey Studio (Stuttgart)

Mixed by Wolfgang Simmand Judith Haustein at Studio Listen! (Stuttgart).

Mastered by Tom Krüger at ¿no sé? studio B.

Label: Oti-O Records

Artwork: Judith Haustein/ Christof Rhein

Photographer: Nina Fahrbach

F R E E Z E  -  Single, 2022 (Oti-O Records)

Judith Haustein feat. MC BENZ

‚FREEZE’ by Judith Haustein © 2021 (from the album ‘The Flood’)



Drums: Adam Osmianski

E-bass: Fergus Ireland

Cello: Christian Pfeiffer

Rap vocals: MC BENZ aka Valentin Haustein

Guitars, rhodes, synths, vocals: Judith Haustein


Drums and bass recorded by Fred Fontane at the Boogie Trap (London)

Cello recorded by Jörg Kersting at Studio Listen (Stuttgart)

Other instruments and voices recorded by Judith Haustein at Hey Studios (Stuttgart)
Music and words by Judith Haustein

Rap lyrics by Valentin Haustein and Judith Haustein

Produced by Judith Haustein, co-produced by Wolfgang Simm (Studio Listen)
Mixed by Wolfgang Simm and Judith Haustein at Studio Listen

Mastered by Tom Krüger  @ ¿ no sé ? studio B



Video Credits:

Idea & script: Judith Haustein, Christof Rhein

Concept: Judith Haustein, dAVE. e. rÄMM, Dirk Stoppe

Director: Danilo Gregorio

Cinematography & lighting: Jonathan Heidrich
Production: Judith Haustein, Royal Film Company, Butterfly Pictures
Post production: Henning Nolte-Tschofen (Royal Film Company)

Cast: Judith Haustein, Valentin Haustein

Make-up, hair & style: Arbresha Dika, Judith Haustein

Source material (paintings) used in projections: Anne von Freyburg (works from the period of 2010-1013)



FIRE DOWN - Single, 2018 (Dystopian Disco)

(Kollaboration mit) KOTO KILL

"Fire Down, 2018

by Koto Kill


Vocals: Judith Haustein, saz: Tolga Cokdeger, guitars: Ákos Gadó, Sitar: Ricky Romain, synths and programmed drums: Gabriel Ralls

Written by Gabriel Ralls and Judith Haustein

Produced and mixed by Gabriel Ralls, vocals recorded by Judith Haustein, sitar recorded by Ricky Romain

Mastered by Lawrence Gill at Fat As Funk Mastering

© 2018 Dystopian Disco

Taken from the forthcoming album, FIGHT US ALL Available 16th November 2018

Pre-order at iTunes: https://apple.co/2N4OSDs

Bandcamp: http://kotokill.bandcamp.com/album/fi...

Amazon: http://amzn.eu/d/h6YhJTc


Video: Directed by Gabriel Ralls and Chris Rhys Field, produced by Gabriel Ralls, cinematography and lighting: Liam Healey,

choreography and dance: Morgan Black, edit: Gabriel Ralls, colour: Chris Rhys Field, make-up and body paint: Kirsty Graham, runner: Mário Saraiva

F I R E  &  S L E E P - Album, 2010

Judith Haustein & Band

Fire & Sleep - Judith Haustein

 Fire & Sleep, 2010


track listing:



Unsaid (Ungesagt)

The Truth Is

Shades Of Blue & Red

Here You Are

I Can See The Sea

Wow! You

Losing Dreams

Heart Hits


All Songs (except "Heart Hits") recorded at Ealing Film studios/ London College of Music) in June 2007 by: Judith Haustein & Panos Kontarakis . "Heart Hits" recorded at SAE Institute (Dalston) by Carl, a very kind individual in November 2008 

All songs written, arranged, produced & mixed by: Judith Haustein

 (copyright 2007, 2008, 2009) 

All songs (except "Heart Hits") mastered at garage27 studios by: Christoph Schaufler (www.garage27.com




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