"Judith Haustein effortlessly wows with new single ‘Freeze’"

"With moody chord progressions and ethereal vocals, Judith Haustein’s ‘Freeze’ is irresistible"

Harry Fenn, March 20, 2021 (Songwritingspotlight)


"A taste of art-pop brilliance, Judith Haustein brings us kooky new single ‘Freeze’."

monkjackblog, March 25, 2021



"...a slow dance of intricate songwriting...’."

"...production techniques that add a fourth dimension..."

New frequencies Blog, March 22, 2021



EDITED PRESS RELEASE// NEWS PROVIDED BY Quite Great //  March 25, 2021 5:53am ET //

'Freeze’, the latest release by German composer, musician and producer Judith Haustein, is a multidimensional, beautifully refreshing genre hybrid. Judith’s soulful, smooth vocals float on top of heavy drums (Adam Osmianski) and deep basslines (Ferg Ireland) that are reminiscent of the nineties Trip-Hop era. The track surprises with some well-hidden Jazz harmonies and the soothing sounds of a cello (Christian Pfeiffer), merging into an unexpected rap from Judith’s brother MC BNZ. The mesmerizing music video is complimented by projections of London artist Anne von Freyburg’s paintings, underpinning the emotions of the song.


‚FREEZE’ by Judith Haustein © 2021 (from the album ‘The Flood’)
Video Credits:
Idea & Script: Judith Haustein, Christof Rhein
Concept: Judith Haustein, dAVE. e. rÄMM, Dirk Stoppe
Director: Danilo Gregorio
Cinematography & lighting: Jonathan Heidrich
Production: Judith Haustein, Royal Film Company, Butterfly Pictures
Post production: Henning Nolte-Tschofen (Royal Film Company)
Cast: Judith Haustein, Valentin Haustein
Make-up, hair & style in projections: Arbresha Dika
Source material (paintings) used in projections: Anne von Freyburg (works from the period of 2010-1013)
Drums: Adam Osmianski
E-bass: Fergus Ireland
Cello: Christian Pfeiffer
Rap vocals: MC BNZ a.k.a. Valentin Haustein
Guitars, rhodes, synths, vocals: Judith Haustein
Drums and bass recorded by Fred Fontane at the Boogie Trap (London)
Cello recorded by Jörg Kersting at Studio Listen (Stuttgart)
Other instruments and voices recorded by Judith Haustein at Hey Studios (Stuttgart)
Music and words by Judith Haustein
Rap lyrics by Valentin Haustein and Judith Haustein
Produced by Judith Haustein, co-produced by Wolfgang Simm (Studio Listen)
Mixed by Wolfgang Simm and Judith Haustein at Studio Listen
Mastered by Tom Krüger @ ¿ no sé ? studio B
My warmest and very special THANKS and HUGS also go out to Zoe Haustein ♥, Christof Rhein ♥, Gabriel Ralls aka KOTO Kill ♥, Christoph Dreyfuss ♥, Karen Schönherr ♥, Moritz Schreiner ♥, Denise Skotarek ♥, Franziska Schmidt ♥, Carlos and Nele Haustein ♥, Brigitte Haustein ♥


'THE FLOOD' teaser no. 3

February '19

PLEASE ENJOY & SHARE teaser no. 3 of my upcoming album!




featuring: Adam Osmianski - drums

Ferg Ireland - bass

Jack Ellister - guitar solo

Gabriel Ralls - digital crazy track Judith Haustein - vocals, telecaster/ acoustic guitar, rhodes, synth, string and choir arrangement

Written & Produced by Judith Haustein

Mixed by Judith Haustein and Wolfgang Simm from listen! Komposition und Ton GmbH

'THE FLOOD' teaser no. 2

December 2018

... voilà, here comes the second teaser video for my upcoming album 'THE FLOOD'

Stephan Bissart - programming, foley, organ, percussion, SFX, arrangement
Daniel Pimenta, Adam Osmianski - drums
Simon Horn - double bass
Christian Pfeiffer - cello
Judith Haustein - vocals, guitar

Written by Stephan Bissart and Judith Haustein
Produced by Stephan Bissart
Co-produced by Judith Haustein
Cello recorded by Jörg Kersting/ mixed by Wolfgang Simm and Judith Haustein at listen! Komposition und Ton GmbH

KOTO KILL 'artist of the week at 'vinyl district'

November 16th, 2018

Today 'KOTO KILL'S' album 'Fight us all' has been released on 'Dystopian Disco'. KOTO KILL is also 'artist of the week' at 'vinyl district' - I am especially happy about these words about our single 'fire down'!

'THE FLOOD' teaser no. 1

November 2018

Voilà, here is the first teaser video for my upcoming Album 'THE FLOOD'




Adam Osmianski - drums
Martin Höfler - violin, viola
Christian Pfeiffer - cello
Ferg Ireland - double Bass
Gabriel Ralls - bass synth, programming
Jörg Kersting - string recording
Judith - vocals, rhodes, percussion, synths, programming etc.
Written and produced by Judith Haustein

'Fire down' release - Collaboration with Koto Kill

November 1st, 2018

As part of 'Koto Kills' Debut album 'Fight us all', the single 'Fire down' has been released on dystopian records on November 1st.

"Fire Down” by Koto Kill

Vocals: Judith Haustein

Saz: Tolga Cokdeger

Guitars: Ákos Gadó

Sitar: Ricky Romain

Synths and Programmed Drums: Gabriel Ralls

Written by Gabriel Ralls and Judith Haustein

Produced and mixed by Gabriel Ralls

Vocals recorded by Judith Haustein

Sitar recorded by Ricky Romain

Mastered by Lawrence Gill at Fat As Funk Mastering

© 2018 Dystopian Disco

Taken from the forthcoming album, FIGHT US ALL Available 16th November 2018

Pre-order at iTunes:




Directed by Gabriel Ralls and Chris Rhys Field

Produced by Gabriel Ralls

Cinematography and lighting: Liam Healey

Choreography and Dance: Morgan Black

Edit: Gabriel Ralls Colour: Chris Rhys Field

Make-up and body paint: Kirsty Graham

Runner: Mário Saraiva

Composition for Frankfurt International Music fair

September 2018

I am very pleased to be able to share my new composition for Frankfurt International Music fair with you. Watch the video here!


June 2018

The last vocals and instrumental samples for my upcoming album 'THE FLOOD' have been recorded, the production has been completed and we are now mixing the tracks!

Filou at Filmschau BW

30th October 17

'Filou' is the latest documentary of Julia (director) and Moritz (producer) Schreiner. It has been an honour to write the music to this film.

'Filou' is about a French mountain farmer who lives in the Ardèche (South of France). He has taken over his parents' farm where he lives wih his dog, his cat and his other animals, far- off from the next village. Any sentiment of melancholy we might feel when we start to realize the tragedy of the situation is quickly forgotten when Francis Champs optimistically starts to tell his story and captivates us with his trumpeting humor.


Premiere: December 3rd at Metropol Kino Stuttgart

Director: Julia Schreiner
Producer: Royal Film Company, Moritz Schreiner
Camera: Moritz Schreiner
Editor: Felix Löchel
Music: Judith Haustein
Starring: Francis Champ

It's my tune - International Music Fair Frankfurt

November 2016

Marcel Wehn's Corporate Film for the International Music Fair 2017 in Frankfurt is now online! A beautiful project where sound design, editing and composition merge in a musical way whilst a very simple tune is carried by different instruments and translated into various Genres. I am very happy I got the opportunity to be part of this as a composer. More info and movie here.

UPA La Palma

August 2016

This year we have fallen head over heels in love with a little alleycat whilst being on holiday on La Palma (most north-western and most beautiful canary island). As the kitten seemed to have some neurological disorder we took her to the vet. From that moment on the she was fantastically taken care of and found a foster home immediately by the organisation UPA . Such efforts and dedication must be rewarded and and these people must, I find, be supported by all means. Please help and donate or help by becoming an accompanying person for travelling animals.


Samba & Bossa Nova Workshop

July 2016

As part of GO VOCALs project week Alex Papa and me have once again lead a Samba/ Bossa Nova workshop. This time it seemed too be a big success, we had lots of fun and the results are impressive! Here is a short audio sample of our version of 'Mas que Nada' followed by a little Batucada (Samba Percussion-Jam).

Alex and me will further develop our ideas and will hopefully be able to offer a two-dy workshop. We'll keep you posted!

10th Feuerbacher Kulturnacht

9th April 2016

For the third time now we have the honour of performing at the Feuerbacher Kulturnacht! This year mainly with new arrangements. Also performing are three other different choirs of  GO VOCAL. The Mockingbirds  and my humble self are lloking forward to a nice evening!

Jury member at Jugend musiziert  "Vocal-Ensemble"/ "Voice (Pop)"

24.Januar 2016

This year I had the honour of being part of the Jury of the "Jugend musiziert" competition for Stgt Böblingen. It was an absolute pleasure and I will remember this day as a delight for the ears and very refreshing.Thank you for the music!

Performing at Sitzenbleiben 6.0 launch

9th Januar 2016

Hello friends of my music,

on Saturday, the 9th of January '16 I will play my first solo gig in ages - a 60 minutes set of original tunes :)

Conveniently I have just recently written a some new songs and am looking forward to anyone who wants to come along and listen or mentally support  - or bring flowers :) will start around 7pm. The event itself will be brilliant as well - it will be the opening of the temporary art space SITZENBLEIBEN 6.0 in the premises of Fluxus Stuttgart, an exciting project! Looking forward to seeing you all, Judith x

'La Isla Bonita' photo exhibition

October 2015

For the first time I got the opportunity to show my fotos in public at the law office 'Anwaltskanzlei Rossier' in Stgt Degerloch.

9th Feuerbacher Kulturnacht

14th of March 2015

The Mockingbirds look forward to perform at the Feuerbacher Kulturnacht again this year. Also performing are Susanne Schempp's Sixties choir 'Sixties in Motion' (20pm) and Dorothee Götz's Jazz-Pop choir 'Suite Peppers' (21pm).


14/3/15, 19 pm

Bismarckschule Treppenhaus

Wienerstraße 76, Stuttgart-Feuerbach



February 2015

Yet another time I have had the honour to write music for this legendary team of creatives and their short movie 'Es werde Licht' and very fortunately Simon Rost's idea has even won an award!!! Congratulations amd THANKS :)


September 2014

As part of a campaign lead by 4Raum I have been having the pleasure of coaching the employee choir and rehearsing with them the corporate song 'Von hier, für hier, wir hier'  (written by Wolfgang Simm) this month. Watch the VIDEO here.

8th Feuerbacher Kulturnacht

5th of April 2014




After an extended winterbreak due to illness I have been intensively rehearsing with my choir over the past few weeks.

This year we will have the honour of performing at the Feuerbach Kultunacht supporting two of Susanne Schempps choirs. We look forward to a nice evening of music at the Bismarckschule.








Zeit Wert geben

A book of inspiration with 40 good thoughts

November 2013

This book, too, was made on the occasion of dm's 40 years anniversary and, as part of it, a short, sensitively designed animation.

40 years dm-drogeriemarkt - anniversary film online!

13th of September 2013

In celebration of dm's 40th anniversary Weitclick has produced a wonderful film ('4 Jahrzehnte dm-drogerie markt') and I am very pleased to be able to say that I have had the honour to write the music to it :)

'Joe's Creek' in the cinema

4th - 10th of April 2013

Our short film can be seen in the cinema (KoKi Esslingen) for one week from today!


February 2013

Dear friends,
the public voting of the 99 FIRE FILMS AWARD 2013 has started!
Moritz Schreiner and Simon Rost have made another pretty short movie ( ...and I made the music for it)
It would be GREAT if you could VOTE for our film ‚STILLE WASSER’ quickly.

Double bass player/ piano player wanted

February 2013

Daniel Pimenta and myself are currently looking for a new band member. We are open for all sorts of things but mostly we would like a double bass player.


Interested? Then...


We look forward to hearing from you!



Demo Recordings Online!

November 2012

... some of the demo recordings can be listened to already! click HERE for music!




Live on 'Freies Radio Stuttgart' (99,2 MHz)

Saturday, 21st July 2012, 7pm 'JazzFunkt'

"Die JazzSpielWiese mit WeiberJazz - crossover artists: The road from Jazz to songwriting and more. In the studio: musician, composer and music producer..."



Demo - Update

10th July, 2012

finally! The songs have been recorded & are being mixed at the moment. so excited!!! ...




New recordings in the making!

May 2012


Soon there will be the first recordings of my project with Daniel Pimenta (drums) and Christian Pfeifer (cello).

At the end of May we are going to record the songs that we have practised together since autumn 2011.


I'll keep you updated!


Judith Haustein

Komposition & Musikproduktion
Ludwigstraße 73a
70176 Stuttgart

Telefon: +49 - 711 - 12179681


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