“Throughout, there is a certain innocence to her vocal delivery that helps the listener hang onto her every word as she walks you through the storyboard with ease, sending the heaviest of hearts into a more thoughtful frame of mind.“

„...what stands out is a spiritual undercurrent that follows her every note, her every word, through every pause, and every mood created.“


Ian Davies, March 2022 (Stargazer Magazine)




 “…you could definitely have pictured Bjork writing ‘Freeze’ for a place on her ‘Biophillia’ workshop album from 2011 in an alternate universe“


Jacob Braybrooke, February 17th, 2022 (Rhythm Radar Blog)




 ‘The Flood’ is an unpredictable entity, brimming with explosive tension and high-scale emotional poignance. It’s not something that is easily described in the general terms we use to describe music on a day-to-day basis; it packs a far larger punch.


Rhythm Radar Blog, February 17th, 2022




Genre Fluid and Awe-Inspiring; Judith Haustein’s The Flood is One Of its Own Class“


Olivia Barnes, February 15th, 2022 (Lightning Nation Blog)



"Judith Haustein effortlessly wows with new single ‘Freeze’"

"With moody chord progressions and ethereal vocals, Judith Haustein’s ‘Freeze’ is irresistible"

"The melody will stick in your head as Judith sings directly to you and the incredible production creates a soundscape to envelope you in her sound."

Harry Fenn, March 20, 2021 (Songwritingspotlight)


"...this track will have you on the edge of your seat."

Indie Midlands, April 13 2021


"Haustein‘s delicate vocals float through the singles like a haunting specter of one’s conscience.“

arunariver, March 26, 2021 (unrecordedmu.com)


"...the warmth and smoothness Haustein achieves as a jazz songwriter“

onthespotmusicblog, March 25, 2021


"...beautifully presented and knows what it is“

Ellen Oakley, March 29, 2021 (musicnews2dayblog)


"A taste of art-pop brilliance, Judith Haustein brings us kooky new single ‘Freeze’.“

"A beautiful marriage of multiple genres…“

monkjackblog, March 25, 2021


"...a slow dance of intricate songwriting...’."

"...production techniques that add a fourth dimension..."

New frequencies Blog, March 22, 2021

Artikel Stuttgarter Zeitung, Juni 2019


"Channelling her inner St Vincent, vocalist Judith Haustein’s smooth, sultry vocal soars effortlessly over pulsating electronica and razor sharp guitar riffs.“

midtnmusic, Interview with KOTO KILL, October 3rd, 2018

"…with almost tangible tension created by Ricky Romain on sitar and vocalist Judith Haustein“


"Koto Kill’s most recent release is the delicately industrial “Fire Down” featuring smooth sultry vocals from the extremely talented Judith Haustein.“
"Haustein’s slick, haunting vocals ooze delicately over the twinkling sounds of the sitar“thevinyldistrict (UK Artist of the week, KOTO KILL) November 13th, 2018

"Processed beats underpin middle-eastern guitars which are scattered by distorted chords and brought back in to line by the hypnotic, siren-calling vocals“
listenwithmonger.blogspot November 14th, 2018 Fire down single review

"‘Fire Down’ features the sultry and smooth vocal soaring from vocalist Judith Haustein.“ 
"...flawless vocal abilities met with the sharp guitar riffs and pulsating electronica…“headstuff 'Figth us all' Album Review, Nov 16, 2018


"...the slightly trippier ‘Fire Down’ featuring hypnotic vocals from Judith Haustein."

"...with Haustein channelling her inner St. Vincent throughout."Fortitude Magazine

Artikel Vocal Coaching, November 2012

Reviews & Quotes London



"...a mix of sultry jazz with synths and acoustics make

for a very interesting array of some very fine songs creating

an ambience not too dissimilar to the best of Paris's Latin Quarter." 

(The Winelight club, August 2008) 





“Judith can create oceanic landscapes, cut with complicated passages of off-beat string pulls and laboured, progressive epics.” 

“Is this Serenity” ”…pays dividends with her best display of effects versus prog / jazz / folk.” 

(Manchester Music Review, March 2008)

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