"Judith Haustein effortlessly wows with new single ‘Freeze’"

"With moody chord progressions and ethereal vocals, Judith Haustein’s ‘Freeze’ is irresistible"

"The melody will stick in your head as Judith sings directly to you

and the incredible production creates a soundscape to envelope you in her sound."

Harry Fenn, March 20, 2021 (Songwritingspotlight)


"...this track will have you on the edge of your seat."

Indie Midlands, April 13 2021


"Haustein‘s delicate vocals float through the singles like a haunting specter of one’s conscience.

arunariver,  March 26, 2021 (unrecordedmu.com)


 "...the warmth and smoothness Haustein achieves as a jazz songwriter
onthespotmusicblog, March 25, 2021

"...beautifully presented and knows what it is
Ellen Oakley, March 29, 2021 (musicnews2dayblog)


"A taste of art-pop brilliance, Judith Haustein brings us kooky new single ‘Freeze’.
"A beautiful marriage of multiple genres…

monkjackblog, March 25, 2021


"...a slow dance of intricate songwriting...’."

"...production techniques that add a fourth dimension..."

New frequencies Blog, March 22, 2021

F R E E Z E  -  M U S I C   V I D E O

Video Credits:


Idea & script: Judith Haustein, Christof Rhein

Concept: Judith Haustein, dAVE. e. rÄMM, Dirk Stoppe

Director: Danilo Gregorio

Cinematography & lighting: Jonathan Heidrich
Production: Judith Haustein, Royal Film Company, Butterfly Pictures
Post production: Henning Nolte-Tschofen (Royal Film Company)

Cast: Judith Haustein, Valentin Haustein

Make-up, hair & style: Arbresha Dika, Judith Haustein

Source material (paintings) used in projections: Anne von Freyburg (works from the period of 2010-2013)


Song Credits:


‚FREEZE’ by Judith Haustein © 2021 (from the album ‘The Flood’)



Drums: Adam Osmianski

E-bass: Fergus Ireland

Cello: Christian Pfeiffer

Rap vocals: MC BENZ aka Valentin Haustein

Guitars, rhodes, synths, vocals: Judith Haustein


Drums and bass recorded by Fred Fontane at the Boogie Trap (London)

Cello recorded by Jörg Kersting at Studio Listen (Stuttgart)

Other instruments and voices recorded by Judith Haustein at Hey Studios (Stuttgart)
Music and words by Judith Haustein

Rap lyrics by Valentin Haustein and Judith Haustein

Produced by Judith Haustein, co-produced by Wolfgang Simm (Studio Listen)
Mixed by Wolfgang Simm and Judith Haustein at Studio Listen

Mastered by Tom Krüger  @ ¿ no sé ? studio B


My warmest and very special THANKS and HUGS go out to Zoe Haustein , Christof Rhein , Gabriel Ralls aka KOTO Kill , Christof Dreyfuss , Karen Schönherr ♥, Moritz Schreiner ♥, Denise Skotarek , Franziska Schmidt , Carlos and Nele Haustein , Brigitte Haustein






Judith Haustein

Komposition & Musikproduktion
Ludwigstraße 73a
70176 Stuttgart

Telefon: +49 - 711 - 12179681
Email: contact@judithhaustein.com


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