Boats on the lawn


Kasper Hansen’s art installation based on the traditional English Christmas song ‚the 12 days of Christmas’ was exhibited in the December 2009 as part of the ‚Enchanted Parks’ event in Newcastle under ‚Magnetic events’.

The audience, whilst passing the ‚Victorian boating lake on the lawns of Saltwell Park’ (magnetic events), was captivated by Kasper’s beautifully crafted, wooden silhouettes, a sparkling lighting performance and a spooky mixture of sound design and poetry.

Chosing some of the birs, objects and characters that appear in the song, the artist placed them inside the four illuminate boats sailing in the water.... ‚listen closely; what can you hear?’ (

The young and upcoming British (slam) poet ‚Henry Fry’ has written an interesting range of contemporary Christmas poems that became, alongside recorded birdsong, the main ingredient fort he sound collages.

After recording speech which was cut into sentences, words and syllables, it was, together with samples of different bird songs, collaged with regards to the original idea, before modifying and distorting the final composition with different means of signal processing, layering and quantising.








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