The Makkah Clock Project (Serie)

Mit einigen meiner Kompositionen durfte ich zum Soundtrack (Hauptkomponist war Felix Brucklacher, Duplex Inc./ Space Ranger) der Dokumentar-Serie über die größte Uhr der Welt beitragen. Die Musik wurde 2011/ 2012 in Kollaboration mit Felix für SL-Rasch produziert.

Hier eine kleine Auswahl der Filmmusiken - charakteristisch für ihre Fusion von kontemporären Produktionstechniken, Pop und traditionellen, orientalischen Stilrichtungen.

(written by Judith Haustein, produced by Judith Haustein and Felix Brucklacher)

(written by Felix Brucklacher und Judith Haustein, produced by Felix Brucklacher)

About the Makkah Clock (by

“Makkah’s four-faced giant clock, a gift from Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah to the citizens and the Muslims world over, is the tallest and largest of its kind, dwarfing even the famous Big Ben in London.

It is 400 meters above the ground and can be clearly seen from all parts of Makkah at a distance of 8 km.The giant clock was built on the top of Abraj Al-Bait Complex that is 601 meters high. It was built under the supervision of specialized engineers from Germany and Switzerland. The clock has four faces. The diameters of the front and the back faces are 43 meters. It is topped by a crescent edifice that has a diameter of 23 meters.

Allahu Akbar (God is Great) is written in bold letters on the top of the clock. The back faces of the clock carry the symbol of monotheism (La Ilaha Illa Allah).

The clock shows the local time according to the UTC that is based in Paris. Saudi Arabia’s local time is three hours ahead of GMT. Designed according to Islamic architecture, the clock’s total weight is 36,000 tons built on a steel structure weighing 12,000 tons. It is composed of 14,000 iron pieces of which some weigh about 16 tons. It has a large base with corridors for pilgrims wishing to see the clock from close.

Each of the three hands indicating hours, minutes and seconds weighs more than 21 tons and are thus the heaviest of their kinds in the world. The clock uses solar energy in addition to electricity.”

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