The Narrative Stream (Documentary)

Director, Producer: Ben Bouabdallah

Music: Judith Haustein (Composer), Felix Brucklacher (Producer)



A documentary about the artwork of Lybian artist Ali Omar Ermes directed and produced by the British filmmaker Bensalem Bouabdallah.


I am composing a range of interconnected, instrumental pieces to translate the picturesque narrative style of this artistically sophisticated movie's intelligent storyline, attempting to bring across its sensitive and slightly melancholic character.

For the second time I am working in close collaboration with Felix Brucklacher (Duplex Inc./ Space Ranger) who takes care of the artistic production and fantastically brings my compositions to life in the studio.

Ali Omar Ermes, also writer and community activist, stylises Islamic calligraphy with help of Western techniques and is opening up to contemporary, Abstract art. His works look for and raise dialogues between and about philosophical, political and religious topics, the fundamental message of this film going beyond that of a conventional documentary.

Speaking through the music, I have tried to freely convey this by experimenting with strong, melodic motifs and melodies and motif development, modal harmony and Middle Eastern-type scales, combining conventional orchestral with traditional Middle Eastern instruments.

Judith Haustein

Komposition & Musikproduktion
Ludwigstraße 73a
70176 Stuttgart

Telefon: +49 - 711 - 12179681


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